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Cross Border Service

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BLUEHILL is a US, Canada and China based advisory firm that provides specialized corporate compliance service for our clients to expand the business into North America. With solid North America experience in accounting, tax and legal matter, our professional team can provide our clients customized solutions in corporate structure and daily governance.
Integrated Accounting service
As an independent third party, we can compile accounting books in accordance with local statutory requirement, US GAAP and IFRS. In addition, we also provide customized financial analysis to the Company’s headquarter.
Financial reporting in foreign local currency and domestic currency.
Monthly and quarterly financial reports and variance analysis
Customized internal reporting schedules to management and external auditors
Tax compliance
Our specialist tax professionals are experts at managing both direct (Corporate Income Taxes) and indirect tax (VAT, GST, Sales Taxes, IPT etc.) compliance. We increasingly help international companies manage their Withholding / VAT/ GST/ PST Tax obligations. All basic questions, notices or assessments from the tax authorities are going to be handled by us.
We also help our clients to manage their oversea management’s annual personal tax return and monthly withholding tax filling.
Corporate Structure and regular legal and Admin matters
We get you legally set up and structured. We help to ensure you stay compliant, manage your risk and stay on the right side of regulators and filing requirements by managing your international entities and corporate secretarial We help you find a base - whether you need a registered address, a rented office or help managing your own premises. We can help you to hire the right people, to ensure your international policies are fully implemented in employment contracts and handbooks, and to ensure that your staff on the ground are paid in compliance with local law.


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